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Pro handball player Ola Hoftun Lillelien comes out as gay in heartfelt social media post

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Norwegian handball player Ola Hoftun Lillelien came out as gay in a new social media post. Since 2018, Lillelien has made waves as a player for the popular team Drammen HK in Norway.

On 21 April, Lillelien decided to take a break from his usual sports-related posts to open up about his sexuality for the first time.  “I have long thought whether to publish this post, but I now realise that it is something I want.

Not for my own part but to be a role model,” he wrote. The young athlete then revealed that he came out to his family, friends, and teammates by admitting that he probably wouldn’t end up with a “pretty girl” but a “handsome boy.”  Alongside highlighting his heartwarming coming-out moment with loved ones, Lillelien also shed a light on Norway’s 50th anniversary of decriminalising homosexuality.

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