Queen of the Universe star Ada Vox reveals why she “won’t compete” on Drag Race

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The drag performer and singer took to Twitter on 24 January to express her frustration at people constantly asking her why she doesn’t want to appear on RuPaul’s signature show.

Ada said: “Why do people get so offended when I tell them I don’t want to compete on Drag Race because I don’t lip sync?? “I have watched every episode of every season and I am a MAJOR fan of the show, I just don’t see it as the platform for me as a competitor.” The 28-year-old recently took part in the first season of Queen of the Universe where she made it all the way to the final and finished as the runner-up to Grag Queen.

In response to a Drag Race fan, Ada clarified exactly why people asking her about a potential appearance on the show bothers her. “Yeah, like… I would NEVER say I’m ‘too good’ for it, it’s just not what I do as an artist,” she wrote. “It’s just so weird that grown men will come telling me that I’m ‘arrogant’ or ‘acting like a diva’ just for saying that I won’t compete on their favorite reality show.” Another fan of Ada’s suggested that she appear as a guest judge, which the star said “would be a dream.” She added: “I would absolutely love to be a mentor for a singing challenge!” When another person asked Ada about doing “an all drag live musical,” the performer responded: “I meannnn… I’ve never even seen a musical other than like High School Musical or Hairspray because they were on TV, but let’s do it!

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