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Here's Convicted Gay Insurrectionist Brandon Straka Court Sentence

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Who is Brandon Straka?Straka is a New York hairstylist who became a media personality after founding what he called the WalkAway Campaign.

Through the campaign, Straka encouraged democrats to "walk away" from the party. According to reports, many of the posts in the hashtag affiliated with the campaign were done by Russian bots.In addition, Straka was kicked off an American Airlines flight over wearing a face mask and was rebuked by Cyndi Lauper when he covered her song "True Colors." An event that he planned to hold at New York's LGBT Center was canceled after backlash and as a result Straka pursued a frivolous lawsuit against his critics.

That lawsuit was summarily thrown out of court.What did Brandon Straka do with the January 6 insurrection?Straka served as a speaker for an events leading up to the insurrection.

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