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'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Star Victoria Zito on Exploring Life After Divorce & Bisexuality on TV (Exclusive)

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.«I said yes to doing [the show] because for me, you know, I have had a very peculiar journey,» Victoria tells ET over video call. «When I say peculiar, you know, I never knew that it was possible to ever work in fashion — I didn't even know that was a thing — and I have worked really, really hard to get to where I am at and it's been a really long journey along the way.»«My family was like, 'You can't go to New York, it's too dangerous,'» she recalls. «So, I studied at community college for three years in Dallas instead, just to go to my dream school at Parsons, and I got a scholarship to Paris and when I got that scholarship, I never even had a passport in my life.

I had never been outside the country. I had never been exposed to these other cultures and, for me, I said yes to doing this because if I can just inspire one little girl sitting at home in Texas, or Louisiana, with a family telling her that her dreams aren't, you know, you can't accomplish them, to show that you can regardless of what everyone and your peers around you say.»«If I just inspire one person, then I am happy,» the Chloe Colette designer adds.Victoria is one of six American women living in Paris showcased on the series, which lives somewhere between the  franchise and Bravo fare of the mid-aughts, like  and .

Like those shows,  documents the trials and tribulations within the friend group the ladies' love lives. Victoria moved to Paris with her then-husband to finish fashion school; they split up after she discovered he had been unfaithful. «I think sometimes [my divorce] can be like stuffed under the rug because I am so young, but at the end of the day, divorce is still divorce,» she shares, «and that was probably, single-handedly, one of the.

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