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School Counselor Could Lose License for 'F**k Transgenderism' Remark

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have threatened lawsuits against schools for investigating children who refused to use the preferred pronouns of a classmate.

The state has also seen lawsuits about bathroom access of transgender students. More recently, Florida has passed legislation critics say unfairly targets transgender students.A week after the event, the state Department of Public Instruction sent Darlingh a letter saying it had opened an investigation into whether proceedings would begin to revoke her license over allegations of "immoral conduct." The letter, obtained by WILL, said a community member had informed the department about her speech.The department told Darlingh in the letter that she had the opportunity to respond or voluntarily give up her license."Your threat to revoke Ms.

Darlingh's license for her public speech is as clear of a First Amendment violation as one can imagine," Luke Berg and Lucas Vebber, WILL attorneys, wrote in their response to the department.

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