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Sissy Is a Dark Queer Horror-Comedy for the Modern Millennial Age

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Sissy, a new queer horror-comedy that premiered at SXSW over the weekend, posits the question: What do social media influencers and slasher killers have in common?

The answer, according to the film, is twofold. Both wear masks and, if triggered, the result can be very, very deadly.Perhaps this is why social media influencers have increasingly become the subject of horror films like Spree; New Year, New You; Shook; and Deadstream (another excellent horror-comedy that premiered this weekend at SXSW).

The space between the persona they present online and the reality of who they are once the camera turns off creates a tension that is rife for exploration, as is the role that an adoring but fickle fandom can have on the psyche.

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