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Tarotscopes that slay for the 2022 new moon in Aquarius

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Does the New Year actually begin in January? The government wants you to think so. But the truth is not so cut and dry. Astrologically speaking, the New Year isn’t until the Spring Equinox when we shift from Pisces (the last sign of the Zodiac) to Aries (the very first sign).

Other cultures also have their own methods for deciding when we begin again. The Jewish New Year happens in the Autumn on either the New Moon in Virgo or Libra (alternating every year).

The Chinese New Year waits, with good reason, until the second New Moon of the Gregorian year. That’s why it’s also known as Lunar New Year, always coinciding with the New Moon in Aquarius, which occurs this evening.This year, especially, with Mercury and Venus retrograde for most of January, I’ve been telling our students and clients (and really anyone that will listen) to wait before jumping into the hustle culture capitalism lays out for us.

Personally, I’m trying to gather my kindling before lighting myself on fire. So if you’ve been feeling lethargic, road-blocked or just not full of your usual get-up-and-go, you’re not alone.

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