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The trans community is resilient but 2021 has been unrelenting for us

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Florida proposing genital examination on young kids, to 65% of trans people hiding who they are at work, to LGBT hate crimes rising and a court case that temporarily made it difficult for transgender children to access treatment, it’s safe to say it’s been rampant.

We’ve also seen non-binary people being denied the right to have a passport that accurately reflects their identity, after Christie Elan-Cane lost a case in the Supreme Court.A ban on conversion therapy is also being dragged on through a needlessly long-winded bureaucratic process, that will likely cost time, money and resources – instead of just banning it like countries such as Germany, Malta, Canada, Brazil and Taiwan.

Instead, there is a chance that the current proposal will allow for it to continue, under the guise of ‘informed consent’. We’ve also seen the media outrage over inclusive language – such as referring to ‘pregnant people’ instead of mothers where appropriate, claiming it’s ‘erasing’ women, despite it being guidelines on how to be inclusive where appropriate.

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