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The internet explodes in laughter as M&Ms announces new “inclusive” characters

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Related: Multiple ads including LGBTQ people will air during the Super BowlThe green M&M, for example, will wear sneakers “to reflect her effortless confidence” and the brown M&M will wear sensible kitten heels instead of her previous high heels to show that she is sensible.

The red M&M will be less bossy and the orange M&M will “acknowledge his anxiety.”The company will also have the skin color on the characters’ arms and legs match their candy shells instead of the white-people flesh tone in their previous design.The changes were immediately mocked online, and Thomas joined in the fun.“So you’re welcome, feminists, the green M&M is no longer a perfect 10,” he joked. “But don’t worry, the green M&M, just like the rest of the M&M cast, will still be mostly butt-ass naked.”We are making a few changes to M&M’s— Vinny Thomas (@vinn_ayy) January 21, 2022He wasn’t the only one making fun of Mars Inc.’s seriousness.they told green m&m she couldn't go to euphoria high school anymore— alex (@alex_abads) January 20, 2022I am a single issue voter and my issue:KEEP THE GREEN M&M A HOT SEXY LADY— Marie Bardi (@mariebardi) January 20, 2022They gave anxiety to an m & m.— matt christman (@cushbomb) January 21, 2022100% here for a sneakerhead m&m we are an oppressed community that deserves representation— drip posting (@paradoomer) January 20, 2022I have literally never eaten an M&M because always I found their characters outdated and offensive.

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