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This trans Twitch streamer refuses to let haters take her down. Instead, she’s fighting back.

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Clara Sorrenti (a.k.a Keffals) has had a target on her back for being an outspoken trans activist for a while now, and this week, it came under fire in a big way.Though the latest swatting attempt against the trans Twitch streamer was the most traumatic yet, she says it’s not the last of her by far.“I’m not backing down,” the streamer told Global News CA. “I know that the work I do is incredibly valuable, and thousands of trans people told me that I have people almost every day saying they came out to their families because of me.”To help with moving costs and replacing all the electronics that police “collected” from the house (including all of her work equipment and the harddrive with her boyfriend’s Master’s thesis assets), Sorrenti posted a GoFundMe.In just one day, supporters helped her raise over $70,000 dollars.Related: This popular trans Twitch streamer was just banned for an awful reasonThis isn’t the first swat attempt against Sorrenti.

A similar threat was made under her name to Toronto officials recently, but Detective Sergeant Graham Gibson allegedly acknowledged it as swatting and dismissed it.Instead, the London, Ontario police department still hasn’t recognized her arrest as such, nor is it clear that they have any intention of going after the criminal who emailed in the fake threat in the first place.This arrest comes from the same department Sorrenti’s brother reached out to months ago to have their family put on a “no swatting” list.

The office refused.“[We were] treated like we were wearing tin foil hats and completely dismissed,” the streamer says. “They told my brother things would be fine.

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