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Hunter Schafer Responds to Accusations That She's a Transmedicalist

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Hunter Schafer recently made headlines for liking a social media post that was perceived as transmedicalist. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, transmedicalism is the idea that a person must experience gender dysphoria and undergo medical treatment during their transition in order to be considered transgender.Many fans were disappointed by Schafer liking this particular post and commenting on it with multiple exclamation marks, which implied that she passionately agreed with what was said in it.

But even though Schafer’s engagement with this post quickly went viral, the Euphoria actress didn’t immediately react to the discourse.On her latest Instagram post – featuring a carousel of pictures taken throughout the summer – Schafer left a comment finally addressing these recent accusations.“Also, while we are here — I hold absolutely no hatred towards non-binary folks,” the actress wrote. “I agreed with another t-girl’s post in which she pointed out an [imbalance] in the visibility and space taken up between non-binary folks and binary trans women (particularly those of color and/or those who have resulted to sex work as a means of survival) that I think deserves attention/re-evaluation (as far as resources and platforms go) within the LGBTQ+ community.”She concluded, “I am not a trans medicalist, and my ideology around transness does not align with transmedicalism, nor a disdain towards nb identifying people.”Since appearing on Euphoria as the fan-favorite character of Jules, Schafer has been on an upward trajectory in her career.

In 2023, the actress is slated to appear in the prequel film The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes playing the character of Tigris Snow.

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