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Transphobic RV Park Manager Sued for Demanding Tenant Present as Male

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charging document, Dykgraaf sent a threatening handwritten note last year to the tenant not long after she revealed her gender identity publicly and began wearing feminine-presenting clothing in public on or around January 4, 2021.“I have been informed of your actions to have your sex changed to a female, I am told you have started taking the necessary medication and that after a period of time your change will be completed,” Dykgraaf allegedly wrote in the note on January 13, 2021. “To avoid problems you must: 1.

Act as a man 2. Talk as a man 3. Dress as a man 4. Avoid tight clothing that is revealing sexual organs. If you follow the above steps trouble will be avoided.

Sincerely, Nathan D.”The tenant, who had lived in the park since June of 2018, stopped presenting as female in order to avoid eviction and out of fear and intimidation.

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