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Typhoid Marrrry: Fire Island Partygoer Had COVID-19, Knew It, Went Anyway, Hopes We All Get It

That escalated quickly. (Images via Facebook & Instagram) Did he have to be a (former) flight attendant? Poor flight attendant Gaëtan Dugas was smeared as the Patient Zero of HIV/AIDS, even though later research showed he was no such thing, but Instagram “#foreverhotmess” Corey Hannon is aggressively campaigning for the title of COVID-19 Patient Zero ...

of Fire Island, anyway. Hannon's Facebook page (I have 12 friends in common with him) is a cautionary tale, showing his transformation from philosophical to determined to floundering to perched on the beach in the middle of a kiki (gay men — grow up, you're not competing on RDR, it's just a party) with a full-blown case of COVID-19.

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