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What is a sapiosexual?

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While swiping through dating apps, you might see a lot of bios where people proudly called themselves sapiosexuals. But what does this word even mean, and why is it being used to describe sexual or romantic desires?

Read on to learn more about the term sapiosexual, its meaning, and how to know if you’re sapiosexual.RELATED: Would You Date A Sapiosexual?The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a sapiosexual as someone who is “sexually attracted to highly intelligent people”.

The first half of the word, “sapio”, comes from the Latin word “sapere”, which translates to “to be wise”.Despite the seemingly ancient roots of this word, it was actually coined by LiveJournal user WolfieBoy in 1998, who was frustrated that there weren’t any other words that accurately described what they were sexually attracted to.

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