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20 tweets about gay culture from this week that could not be more accurate


1.Gay culture is looking at your own nudes and being like… damn— Justin Randall (@imjustinrandall) October 9, 20202.Gay culture is getting called ma’am at the drive through— Ezequiel (@ezequeezy) October 14, 20203.gay culture is waking up sore cause you committed too hard to an act out last night— S A M M Y (@samuelhmorrison) October 16, 20204.Gay culture is using #justfriends to make sure people know you’re available.— Mark MacKillop (@mark_mackillop) October 16, 20205.god is fetishizing gay culture cause if he ain’t want us here why he keep making us.

he using our name for clout ?— jay (@JAYVERSACE) October 11, 20206.Gay culture is having two of your ex’s dating each other— Dembe (@Vusi_TheBoss) October 15, 20207.gay culture is calling.

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