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Lesbian student says Moody Bible Institute threatened her for tweeting about sexuality


NBC 5.It stemmed from a tweet Steffen sent joking about her sexuality, given her attendance at MBI, with an image of a woman laughing and the text, “God watching me enroll at Moody Bible Institute knowing damn well I’m Lesbian.”Steffen reposted the tweet with an image of the letter she received from Vice President Arens:how it started how it ended pic.twitter.com/rSGeWXiwnt— Meg (@Megan_Steffen) October 10, 2020In the letter, Arens claims Steffen’s actions are “dangerously close to the probationary level” and her punishment was the school’s “way of indicating to you our disapproval of your actions and giving you fair warning that further unwise behavior on your part will result in you being subject to more stringent disciplinary..

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