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At 18, He Had Consensual Sex With 2 Teens. Montana Wants Him to Stay a Registered Offender.

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In 1993, when he was 18, Randall Menges had consensual sex with two other teenage boys at a camp in Idaho. Mr. Menges was charged by state prosecutors with “crimes against nature” — a charge since ruled unconstitutional that was used to prosecute people who engaged in sodomy or oral sex — and served seven years in prison, according to federal court documents.

When he was released, he was placed on the sex-offender registry in Idaho and then in Montana, where he later moved. On Tuesday, a federal judge in Montana ruled that Mr.

Menges’s name should be removed from the state’s sex-offender registry. Mr. Menges, who has been rejected from jobs, lost friends and even contemplated suicide because of his status, said he cried when his lawyer told.

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