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Behind the Mysteries of Siegfried and Roy

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wrote a column about Horn and Little Richard, who had died around the same time, being the last of a dying breed “who lived quasi-out lives, with the mere mention of their names sparking suspicion.

Are they or aren’t they gay? It made me wonder if the era of stars operating and living their lives half in the closet might be over?”Now comes a truly enjoyable cliffhanger of a podcast, Wild Things, from filmmaker and journalist Steven Leckart, that seeks to expose the truth about the lives, careers, and relationship of the shadowy figures of Siegfried and Roy.The podcast has made news in recent weeks, primarily about the wild investigation into the tiger attack that almost killed Horn.

Wild Things also tries to put to rest the open question, “Were Siegfried and Roy romantic partners as well as business partners?”I had the opportunity to speak with Leckart, who as a child of the 1980s was fascinated by the pair.

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