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Chicago Preacher Embraces Joy in Drag Sermon For Kids

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Facebook, and encouraged attendees to dress in “garments/accessories that make you feel 100 percent, like the best version of yourself.” “The sixth Sunday of Advent is rejoice Sunday.

It’s a chance for us to rehearse what a life of joy could look like,” wrote Musser. “It’s a dress rehearsal. Preaching in drag is a theological reflection on joy: Joy overflows so abundantly, it can’t help but make itself known.

Weaving together the day’s theme, queer theory, and lectionary texts, we will ‘dress rehearse’ for joy.”During the sermon, Musser reportedly read from the children’s book Joy by Corrinne Averiss, in addition to leading the children in prayer. “Today, we consider what it might be like to have a dress rehearsal for the kind of joy.

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