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Chris Pratt’s crappy new TV show is getting sh*t on by everyone–but right-wingers love it!

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not a religious person?” Hmmm. Okay then, let’s start over…Related: Literally no one is buying Chris Pratt’s attempt at rebranding himself as “not a religious person”Hollywood’s pre-eminent “good ‘ole non-religious boy” Chris Pratt is starring in a new, Tom Clancy-ish action series called The Terminal List that premiered on Amazon Prime Video last week.

If this is the first you’re hearing of it, you’re forgiven, because clearly this conspiracy-heavy military thriller hasn’t really been marketed to our demographic.Here’s the trailer to get you up to speed:Regardless of your feelings about Pratt, it’s surprising that a new series featuring one of our modern-day A-Listers (he’s a Guardian Of The Galaxy and a raptor-wrangler, after all) could drop with barely detectable buzz, especially when you consider The Terminal List stars other names like Friday Night Lights ‘ Taylor Kitsch and Hustlers‘ Constance Wu.Notably, the series—adapted from a novel by former Navy SEAL sniper Jack Carr—has been trashed by critics.

Amidst the hubbub of “the people’s Chris,” a number of reviews dropped that ranged from bored indifference to scorching hot, cast-iron pans.

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