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Christian Tucci is the sexy emerging artist you need to check out now

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A post shared by Christian Tucci (@chrtucci)Christian Tucci is an LA-based writer & artist equipped with drawing skills that he completes with witty double entendres and puns.He not only writes and illustrates.

The former cake-decorator also has quite the penchant for photographing cakes… in cases.His Instagram and Twitter are filled to the brim with his sketches and his now-signature “I drew this” captions.Get to know the sexy up-and-comer in a Q & A with Queerty contributor Michael Page Wright.Hi Christian!

I’m just gonna jump right into it–as I do.Hi!We’re gonna talk a lot about your drawings but first: What do you want people to know about you?I guess that I have writing samples and I want to work!We always love a self-plug–how’d the drawings come about?I was sad in quarantine and felt real purposelessness with my writing.

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