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Claudia Conway Claims Mom Kellyanne Had Her ‘Arrested For Fake Assault Charges’ And ‘Needs A Lawyer’

Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, has claimed that her mother recently had her “arrested for fake assault charges” during a live video on her TikTok page, before insisting that she now “needs a lawyer.” In the video, which is no longer available to view on her TikTok page, the teen claims she was arrested for allegedly making false statements about the White House senior counselor online, according to Heavy.

Conway also reportedly accused her mom of physical and emotional abuse on TikTok Live. The teen is now seeking a pro bono lawyer, and, in one video, she tells her 176,000 Twitter followers via her comments section that she is “safe for now and staying with a friend in a different state.” She also retweeted a tweet that

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