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Coalition Building is at the Heart of NCLR’s Advocacy

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NCLR has engaged in federal advocacy nearly since our founding 45 years ago, but the establishment of our DC office made participation in federal spaces – such as Congress and the White House – much more regular.

As NCLR showed up in these spaces more frequently, the organization became more widely known among federal policymakers. NCLR routinely joins LGBTQ partner organizations for bi-weekly calls with the White House, engages in regular meetings with other federal agencies, and collaborates directly with policymakers as a result of our federal advocacy.

Our legal and policy expertise creates spaces for our clients’ voices to be heard by who they would normally have limited access to.

Coalition building is at the heart of NCLR’s policy work. As NCLR’s Federal Policy Director, Julie Gonen regularly participates in numerous LGBTQ and reproductive justice coalitions and is frequently asked to speak on the intersections of our movements.

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