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Israeli Party Leader Vows to Cancel Pride

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The Israeli LGBTQIA+ community truly concerned about the agreement between Israeli Prime Minister-delegate Netanyahu and the single stridently anti-gay member of the Noam party, Avi Moaz, a party whose main goal is to enact anti-gay policies, and considers gay rights to be “the destruction of the family.”The agreement is for Maoz to be a deputy minister for the Prime Minister, in charge of a new “National-Jewish identity.”“Do you know how much those marches harm holy Jerusalem, its public space?” he said. “You want to demonstrate — demonstrate.

But a parade of promiscuous abomination in public?”Although Maoz has admitted that subject didn’t arise during discussion, “…I don’t hide that certainly I would want to cancel it,” he said about the Pride, calling the yearly celebration “a promiscuous parade of abomination.”Noam campaigned on a platform of intolerance for gays and non-Orthodox streams of Judaism, attacking homosexuality and Reform Judaism as abnormalities on billioboards.He also said in an interview with Olam Katan that he intends to stop what he has called the “radical, progressive brainwashing” of senior police and military officials by private organizations, insists that removing the gender advisory office—which promotes the roles of women in the military—is vital to Israeli national interests, saying that it “is the most important thing for Israel’s security, more than anything else.”However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to the media reports, saying the “Jerusalem Pride Parade will continue to march.”He also tweeted. “The government under me will not harm the LGBT community and the rights of Israel’s citizens.

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