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Corrie's Brooke Vincent admits she had concern for first lesbian kiss on ITV soap

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Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent has admitted she was concerned about her first lesbian kiss in the ITV soap.Brooke, 29, who played Sophie Webster from 2004 to 2019, discussed her role in the soap in Vicky Pattison's The Secret To podcast.In 2010 Sophie fell in love with her best friend.

Sian Powers (Sacha Parkinson) and Vicky, 34, quizzed Brooke on the famous lesbian storyline in the soap and the moment they kissed after a row.Discussing her unease over her first lesbian kiss in Weatherfield aged 16 Brooke said: "I remember we had to do out first kiss and bear in mind not only this was my first lesbian screen kiss, but it was my first kiss, so I was a bit like 'where are we at?','do we do tongues?', 'did you brush your teeth?'."With Sacha it was amazing, and we portrayed a couple on screen, and we thought we were so important, being the nation’s favourite lesbians.Brooke also told how she felt privileged to tackle the story-line about her coming out as a lesbian.

She said: “Nowadays we have lot of diverse characters, which is amazing. When they came to me about that story line, I just started college, and I thought omg no one spoke about the fact of being lesbian or straight…"A lot of people battled with this alone and had no one to reference so it was a massive honour.”Helen Flanagan portrayed Booke's older sister in the soap Rosie from 2000 to 2012 and also in 2017.Brooke also recalled in the podcast the hilarious moment Helen suggested she get lip fillers.She said Helen told her: "Darling, you're so b****y beautiful, gorgeous honestly, but Dr Nyla [Raja, one of the UK's top cosmetic doctors] can put some filler in that top lip!".Helen added: "You've grown up to be so beautiful but you could really sort that top.

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