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Creating a forever family takes looking inside

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Leo Cusimano, right, with his husband Tony Cuevas and their sons, Elijah and JJ Leo Cusimano shares how adopting two young brothers changed everything. LEO CUSIMANOCourtesy of News Is Out | newsisout.com My heart was racing as we walked to the front door of the foster home.

I could hear the roar of children inside. With much anticipation, Tony and I knocked and could feel the rush of excitement in the air.

Inside were two children: JJ, 3, and Elijah, 8. JJ rushed toward Tony and jumped up into his arms. Elijah sat very close to me.

I don’t know if they completely understood that our lives would be changing forever. We would become a forever family. Today, there are lots of ways to build or create a forever family, from public or private adoption, which includes both domestic and international placements, to surrogacy and in vitro fertilization.

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