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Dad Changing Twins in Ladies Toilet Over 'Grotty' Mens Sparks Fierce Debate

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husband was doing the right thing by using the ladies room when out with their young twin daughters, as men's bathrooms are "really grotty."In a post shared on Mumsnet on Wednesday, the woman, who goes by the username Silverbirch123, explained that lately, her husband has started using the ladies' bathroom when he's out with their 3-year-old daughters after experiencing some inappropriate situations in the men's room."The reason he says, for this is that the mens toilets are usually really grotty.

He went somewhere a couple of weeks ago where there was only 1 cubicle, and several men using the urinals. He pushed the door open and there was a guy sitting on the toilet who hadn't locked the door." she said. "He immediately came out and used the ladies.

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