Internet Backs Man Blocking Pregnant Ex's Partner From Changing Baby's Name

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pregnant woman's girlfriend has been widely criticized for demanding that the baby her partner conceived with her ex-husband be renamed.According to a post shared on Reddit by the father of the unborn child, he and his now ex-wife had agreed to name their son Samuel in honor of their grandfathers.

Writing under the handle Throwaway10876543, he explained that they "were both very important people in our lives."While couples may disagree on their preferences, deciding on a name for a baby is regarded by many as one of the most enjoyable aspects of pregnancy.In a poll of its users, found that 35 percent of parents said choosing a name was a fun thing to do, even if it led to disagreements.

The survey also found that 40 percent of parents set ground rules for the naming process, with the most common being that they each had the power to veto a name.Of course, things are a little more complicated for the couple in this viral post.

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