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Don Jr. told everyone he was going to house the world’s poor. It ended even worse than you think.

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The same year Donald Trump Jr. became a spokesperson and “executive director of global branding” for Cambridge Who’s Who, a vanity publisher against whom hundreds of fraud claims have been filed, he made a lofty pledge to build “millions of home” for the world’s poor.That was the promise Trump Jr.

gave in 2010, when he and a business partner launched their housing venture to mass-produce and sell prefabricated homes.A lengthy new report from The New Republic outlines exactly how it all unfolded.

To put it mildly — not… well.The Trump family is hardly known for its altruism, and it’s no great surprise that Titan Atlas Manufacturing ended in disaster and fuming creditors.In total, The New Republic was only able to find “a few properties that the company built, including one for the mayor of North Charleston, South Carolina, a major booster of the company, and a handful of kits the company sent abroad.”Related: Don Jr.

has a new grift and it will make your eyes roll right out of your headWorse yet were the unfinished properties. As one firm called Tactic Homes describes it, unfinished is a massive understatement.Tactic Homes agreed to purchase 36,000 homes from Trump Jr.’s company.

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