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Kari Lake Backs Candidate With History of Racist, Anti-Gay Slurs

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Senate candidate who has made repeated homophobic and anti-Semitic comments, as well as peddled in conspiracies, such as saying that "COVID shots kill."Republican Jarrin Jackson edged Ally Seifried in the June primary and will face her again in a runoff election on August 23, with the winner taking on Democrat Jennifer Esau in November.

Jackson has described his campaign as "a return to the basics, to repent for our obedience to tyrannical government and to obey God.""I am honored to be endorsed by the #AmericaFirst (and Trump-endorsed) warrior who drained the McCain swamp in Arizona and is now the GOP nominee for governor in Arizona - Kari Lake," Jackson tweeted Wednesday. "She is a rising star and her endorsement is a big deal!

Thank you, Kari!"In July, The Oklahoman reported of multiple instances in which Jackson has posted conspiracy theory-based live streams on social media networks like Rumble, or made anti-gay comments on Telegram, such as equating LGBTQ language to Satan, and saying "LGTBQ is the gateway to pedophilia.""There's no such thing as homosexual marriage," he wrote on Telegram. "God made marriage man + woman.

Conservatives CONSERVE God's order. Sin is not God's order."In a video in June—Pride Month—Jackson said being gay "is the most disgusting, despicable, stupid blehh [gagging noise] thing ever.

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