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Edgar Gomez is proud to be a “High-Risk Homosexual”

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A post shared by @otroedgargomezWriting a memoir that countless readers say is impossible to put down is a pretty strong indicator that a writer has succeeded in what they set out to accomplish.

For it to be described as a “breath of fresh air” by the New York Times is an even bigger indication.Edgar Gomez’s powerful new memoir “High-Risk Homosexual”, released in January of this year, not only achieved those things, but it also resonated with the experiences of many queer or trans Latinx/a/o folks… including the journalist writing this profile.My book is out today.

All week I’ve thought about what I could possibly say to show how grateful I am that I got to write about Nicaragua, and Pulse, and drag, and growing up as a quiet queer kid in Orlando who thought if I told anyone who I was I would die.

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