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Eott raises £320 for LGBTQ+ mental health charity, MindOut

Eott, the mental health driven music and art project, has raised £320 for LGBTQ+ mental health charity MindOut with £5 from each Pride u k, g? tee sold going to the charity.Also included with each tee was an interview (by form of a booklet) with Freddie Martin, who shed some light on being an LGBTQ+ DJ.

Eott want to thank Tom Bickerstaff for largely helping write the questions.Levvy from Eott, said: ‘Given it was a Pride tee, we thought it made sense for anyone buying one to know that it’s going towards a relative cause. ‘MindOut was on our minds since the inception of this project, as we’d heard of it from a friend, so we did a little research and made a phone call.

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