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Fact Check: Was GOP Candidate Detained for Reporting 'Gender Queer' Book?

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that educators are trying to encourage sex among children, arguably make her an easy mark for misinformation too, with online actors exploiting the furore around her comments.The ClaimA tweet, posted by "Fashalert MA" on August 16, 2022, claims that Rayla Campbell was reported and "detained" for possession of "child porn" after she flagged a book called "Gender Queer" to the police, claiming it contained illicit materials.The post includes a photo of Campbell stood next to a Plymouth (MA) police officer reading the book.We are hearing that Rayla Campbell was late to her own "Back the Blue Rally" due to being detained by police.

She was showing people the book "Gender Queer" and saying it was child porn, so someone reported her for possession of child porn. versions of the tweet, posted multiple times across different Twitter accounts were also shared and cross-posted to accounts on Reddit, where they received tens of thousands of upvotes, and Imgur.Rayla Campbell detained by police as she was showing people book “Gender Queer” saying it was child porn.

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