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Florida Congressional Candidate’s Bisexual Daughter: Don’t Vote for My Mom

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 will be held on August 23.In the video, Stargel primarily cites her mother’s support of anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ legislation as the chief reason to vote against her.

Stargel also claimed that she felt “neglected” by her parents when they prioritized their political careers. Hannah Stargel’s father, John, is a former state representative and currently serves as a Florida appellate judge.“After numerous years of telling me I was hard to love, putting me through tons of years of neglect, putting politics before everything else, and honestly, just being a horrible, horrible person to look up to — is this really somebody you want up in D.C.

passing laws for you and your children, telling you what to do with your body?” Hannah Stargel said.She claimed that if she didn’t go to church on Sunday, her parents wouldn’t make an effort to feed her.

She explained how she didn’t feel comfortable going to the church her family attended — in part due to its stance on homosexuality — and would be left at home — sometimes without food.

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