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Folks are reluctantly loving this old clip of Caitlyn Jenner reading Diane Sawyer mid-interview

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We’re all unfortunately way too familiar with Caitlyn Jenner at this point. The decorated Olympian turned FOX News correspondent has been a pain in the queer community’s collective butt for years now, with a litany of queerphobic and regressive views being publicly espoused for conservative consumption.And yet, there was a sweet spot before the Fox News of it all.

Before the rocky public relations of I Am Cait, even. For a brief, shining moment back in 2015, the freshly cracked egg that would become Caitlyn stood up as a very public transgender figure.A clip from that moment in time has been making the rounds on Twitter recently, in which she gets a bit of a disrespectful comment from Diane Sawyer during her first major interview on her transition.In it, Sawyer insinuates that Jenner has “missed the good part” of being a woman by not coming out until age 65.

Jenner calmly and subtly lets her have it.As OP writes, she gagged her a bit:She gagged her a bit— minx (@minxiepop) September 29, 2022Related: Pro golfer Hailey Davidson obliterates Caitlyn Jenner’s argument against trans athletes in .5 secondsAt first it seems like she’s dragging her own outfit as being old, commenting on “the black shoes and the black pants” that they’re both wearing.

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