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Forced birther Christian Walker calls women who support abortion rights fat, ugly, and undesirable

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Self-proclaimed “free-speech radicalist”, gay MAGA troll, and anti-abortion activist Christian Walker has been absolutely giddy since Roe v.

Wade was overturned last week.The former competitive cheerleader, who believes Black people are “more racist” than white people and objects to being called “gay”, preferring to be called “a conservative who likes men”, could hardly contain his excitement on Twitter:THE SUPREME COURT HAS OVERTURNED ROE V WADE.

PRAISE THE LORD— Christian Walker (@ChristianWalk1r) June 24, 2022After the announcement was made, Walker, who has at least three siblings but no uterus, posted a video on Instagram telling pro-choice Americans to shut up and deal with it.“Letting states decide for themselves whether they want abortion illegal, that’s democracy,” the 22-year-old falsely stated, adding, “Not everybody wants demonic abortion in their state.

And if you hate your child that much, take yourself to a blue state. We’re not doing it in red states!”We should note that Walker lives in California, which is a blue state.

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