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Christian Walker freaked out on this famous singer in a Starbucks drive-thru and we have to laugh

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Living parody Christian Walker descended upon a Starbucks this morning and decided to make it everyone’s problem.This “everyone” includes the person in the car ahead of him: nonbinary pop-R&B singer Kehlani.Herschel Walker’s sole claimed heir initially stopped in the coffee shop’s parking lot to moan to his Instagram story that they had five Pride flags in the windows, but “not an American one.”“Pride month is OVER,” Walker shouts. “You’re intolerant of how I identify as a frickin’ American!”He then rolls up to the speaker and demands that they put up an American flag, saying that he will deliver one to the location himself if he has to.When he gets closer to the window he sees an American flag with rainbow stripes, which sends him into an absolute spiral.“You only GET a Pride month because you’re in AMERICA,” he tirades.Related: Herschel Walker’s son says he’s not gay, he just “likes men”It’s when he overhears the person in the car ahead of him assuring the baristas not to worry since it’s “just that a**hole from TikTok” that Walker gets out of the car to berate them.When he approaches their window, we learn that the “loving, tolerant, inclusive” person in his story is actually “Good Thing” singer Kehlani.Christian Walker got out of his car at a Starbucks drive through and stepped to Kehlani out of all people omfg— j (@joshszn) July 13, 2022“Get your drink and go away,” Walker rants.

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