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Gay men list their biggest fears, and we’re suddenly in a cold sweat

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When gay Reddit users got to talking about their biggest fears, the responses ranged from specific phobias (fires, swarming insects, and the like) to existential anxieties (lonely deaths, unfulfilled dreams, etc.) and even to geopolitical concerns.Many commenters seconded others’ fears, while one person clapped back at another’s comment, as you’ll see below.Here, presented in no particular order and edited for readability, are selected comments from that thread.

Maybe don’t read these if you’re trying to fall asleep, though…“Looking back at the end of my life and having more regrets than things I’m proud of.”“Dying alone.”“Dying alone and broke.”“Never reaching and living none of my dreams and being doomed to a routine, gray life while everybody lives their best life, and hitting some moment in my life where I feel like I wasted my whole life and it’s worth nothing.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot like that, like I’m obsolete and my time is over, and I’m not even in my 20s. And I’m claustrophobic.

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