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Heartstopper review: The queer teen drama about to transform the lives of all LGBTQ+ people forever

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Heartstopper follows Charlie and Nick, two young LGBTQ+ schoolboys falling in love, conquering their shame, fear and bullies to bravely live as their authentic selves.

Charlie is an out gay teen after unwillingly being forced out of the closet, while Nick is a popular jock on the rugby team, surrounded by toxic masculinity, and the very real and relatable pressure of battling with his sexuality while ‘fitting in’.

Charlie and Nick are surrounded by various wonders from the LGBTQ+ community: two lesbians, Tara and Darcy pave the way for Nick to confront his own complicated feelings by snogging at a school dance and going Instagram official; Elle is a trans female who moves from the all boys school to its neighbouring all girls comprehensive and is alive with hope, romance and lust for cis straight male Tao – a storyline unrecognisable in British television thus far.

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