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Bisexual Grad Bucks BYU's Anti-LGBTQ+ Stances With Pride Flag Display

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NBC News. “She knew I wanted to honor what I’d been through and what I had to face,” the graduate said. Other sisters helped and supported her.After flashing the flag, “I swear I blacked out.

I texted my sister and said, ‘What happened? Did I just do it?’” Orr told NBC. Another graduate came up to her later and praised Orr’s action. “One student stopped me and she was like, ‘My girlfriend just saw you on live TV.

She wanted me to thank you, meet you, and say that she’s proud of you,’” Orr told Utah’s KUTV. BYU, whose main campus is in Provo, Utah, is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a.

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