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Billy Eichner Makes History at CinemaCon With First Look at LGBTQ+ Rom-Com ‘Bros’

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It wasn’t Billy on the Street but Billy Eichner on the Strip at this year’s edition of CinemaCon, as he wowed the exhibitor crowd with clips from his upcoming rom-com “Bros.” The film has been heralded as the first studio romantic comedy to feature an entirely LGBTQ+ cast, and the studio was not afraid to sing (or in Eichner’s case shout) those praises.

Eichner was in Vegas to introduce “the most exciting thing to happen in Caesar’s Palace since Adele refunds.” And he was astonished that we got two movies about a “talking hedgehog” before a film with a wholly gay cast.

But he said that though it provides opportunities for underrepresented voices, it still is an entertaining film that can sell tickets. (“You don’t think lesbians love Raisinets?”)“It’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s really true.

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