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Here's Why "The Whale" Starring Brendan Fraser Is Facing Backlash

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hopelessly gross." Vulture wrote of the play, "We recoil from his bulbous grunt, his sweat-stained pits, his rippling excesses." Reviews like these, though anti-fat in and of themselves, point to the inherent anti-fat bias in the show's original staging.The number of people who describe this premise as "humanizing" is so disheartening.

If the only way you can "humanize" a very fat person is to watch them humiliated, terrified, ashamed & killed off in a stereotypically stigmatizing way, it's time to do some serious reflecting.I don’t even care what ”The Whale” is about.

They cast Brendan Fraser as the title character and put him in a fat suit. The title is “The Whale.” I promise you it’s fatphobic as fuck.Hey, everyone, I know it sounds hard, but I promise that if you are willing to put in a few minutes of your time, you will be able to hold both "Brendan Fraser deserves the world" and "The Whale is unapologetically fatphobic and deserves to be critiqued for that" in your heart.I see I’m going to be stuck between how much I root for Brendan Fraser and how much I hate fat suits.It's important to emphasize that it is possible to be excited that Brendan is returning to acting while also questioning the role.“From a health perspective, it’s prohibitive,” he continued. “It’s an impossible role to fill with a real person dealing with those issues.”“Obese” is doing so much work here you want to read more about the anti-fat bias in the term "obese," click here."From a health perspective, it's prohibitive...

it's an impossible role to fill with a real person dealing with those issues." -Darren Aronofsky pointing out the very real concern that if you cast me in a movie I will probably explode from

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