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Homophobic Fundamentalist Preachers Continue Obsession With Gay Sex

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Bring on the vomit!A pastor at a notorious anti-LGBTQ+ church in Texas labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center told his congregation he would rather eat his own vomit than engage in anal sex with another man, and apparently, he’s not the only pastor in the denomination to feel that way.

Author and blogger Hehmant Mehta tweeted excerpts of the sermons at the Steadfast Baptist Church in Watauga where pastor Jonathan Shelley made the claims.“If you said ‘hey, pastor Shelley, you’re going to have to eat Indian food and ranch dressing every day of your life or do that one time [engage in anal sex with another man],’” pastor Shelley said during a recent sermon, “it’s like bring on the Indian food.”Shelley then promised to recycle his food rather than engage in anal sex with a gay man.“‘Paster Shelley, what if you had to eat the Indian food and ranch dressing and then vomit it up and eat it again, or do that one time,’” Shelley continued, “it’s like bring on the vomit!” Later in the sermon, Shelley claimed gay men suffer from horrific medical consequences as a result of gay anal sex.“What men do with men is defiling their bodies, hurting their bodies, they’re hurting each other.

They’re causing themselves all kind of problems. Their intestines will sometimes just fall out because of the actions that they do.”Shelley was apparently referencing a prolapsed anus, where a portion of the rectum turns inside-out and protrudes from the body, although the intestines do not actually “fall out” of the body.

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