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House Of The Dragon fans think Matt Smith's character Daemon Targaryen is bisexual after scene leak

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Viewers of HBO's hit Game Of Thrones prequel series House Of The Dragon have developed a new fan theory about one of its most popular characters.The buzz started after Daemon Targaryen (played by Matt Smith) was seen gazing suggestively at a male server during a dining scene in Sunday's episode six.Fans began theorizing that Smith's character might be bisexual, and a leaked still from a seemingly unaired scene appears to have helped fuel the theories.

Fan theory: Fans of HBO's House Of The Dragon have theorized that Matt Smith's character Daemon Targaryen (R) may be bisexual after he was seen getting intimate with a man in a deleted scene; pictured with Emma D'Arcy'This Interaction between Daemon and the server was very interesting… could Daemon be a bi legend?' wrote the account Out Of Context House Of The Dragon on Twitter on Monday.It included stills of the aired scene showing Smith as he gazed into the eyes of his long-haired server, while a second still seemed to show him leaning in toward his ear to say something.

The account returned with a second still with an HBO Max watermark. It shows Daemon and the server sitting side by side, with the server leaning in toward Daemon's face as if they are kissing or speaking face to face.He also has his hand down by Daemon's groin.'Confirmed from this deleted scene, Daemon Targaryen is a bisexual king,' the account added, via People.

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