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‘I regret transitioning to being a man and trans people should get more therapy’

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supports HTML5 video‘Therapy should be involved at all stages of the transitioning process to help spot and explore red flags that may appear in someone’s transitional journey.‘More information should be given to individuals to make sure that their informed consent is truly informed.‘It has been a really difficult journey for me, and I have lost a lot of friends in the process who felt that I am in some way anti-trans.‘I saw a community full of so many people who had transitioned and it had finally made them happy; and with hindsight, I looked at them and thought that would be what made me happy too.‘I now know that I am not a trans man, but I didn’t have enough therapy to explore what was really going on with me and help me realise that I don’t have to fit into a box of one of society’s defined gender norms.’Sam is currently de-transitioning to being a woman, the gender she was assigned at birth.The debate about gender dysphoria has become polarised in recent years, with anti-trans movements arguing that young people like Sam are pushed into transitioning.No one disputes that ‘transition regret’ exists and that there are trans people who return to the sex they were assigned at birth.But there is also a lot of disinformation and misinformation spewed online about the phenomenon.Trans advocates have previously argued that stories like Sam’s tend to get more attention and as such, they push the false narrative that de-transitioning is much more common than it actually is.There is currently no up-to-date data about such cases but LGBTQ+ charities including Stonewall say they are rare.In fact, most people who transition do so without any regrets, statistics show.According to Stonewall, from 3,398 trans patients with.

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