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Stephen Fry discusses finding ‘permanent love’ after fears of ‘shame’ over his sexuality

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“Of course, I found a kind of permanent love - that’s very ungracious, but I got married nearly eight years ago and that’s changed things.“Especially talking about that child early on who knew he was gay and saw ahead of him only a life of exile and shame.”Stephen admitted: “The prospect that I could ever actually be married and live happily and for it to be no big deal to anybody[…].That’s made a big difference.”Back in 2016, Stephen credited Elliot with saving his life after falling madly in love and tying the knot the year before.Stephen has been open about his battle with depression and attempted to commit suicide in 2012.

But the national treasure gushed over his husband, who he credited for helping him get to "a great place”."My husband has saved my life," Stephen told The Sun. "I think just the happiness and security and calm of being with him.

I am in a great place right now." He added: "Rates of suicide and self harm are terrifying through Britain. I hope and pray there will be less incidents."My physiologist Billy has been astonishing and the medication has also saved my life after finally getting it right."He also revealed he's "much more at ease" with his medication, as he continues to overcome his personal demons, but added: "I do have to take it every day."During his recent appearance on Steven’s Spotify podcast, Stephen also delved into his battle with depression and his attempts at suicide.Stephen explained: "I was a deeply difficult child that my parents took me to a psychiatrist when I was 14.”He added: "I was lost and adrift.

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