Lesbians Claim Straight Women Are Dominating Gay Bars in Viral Video

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which can be watched here, saying: "No but literally."She then went on to explain that there has been a rapid decline in lesbian bars in the U.S.This fact is affirmed by the Lesbian Bar Project, a group aiming to preserve these spaces, which states on its site: "In the late 1980s there were an estimated 200 Lesbian Bars across the country."Now there are thought to be just 21.

These bars are disappearing at a staggering rate and we cannot afford to lose these vital establishments to the fallout of Covid-19."#stitch with @sophiamastt y’all allies until it stops being convenient for you. #fyp #fy #lgbtq #lesbian #gaybar #gay #lgbtEliza went on to finish the video by saying: "Straight people have everywhere else, literally everywhere.

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