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JLS star JB Gill sets record straight on 'leaving showbiz' amid farm move

On The Farm star JB Gill, whose group JLS sold more than ten million records over the course of a glittering musical career, has exclaimed: "I haven't left showbiz!" However, his return to his Caribbean roots, which involved setting up a farm in Kent to emulate the lifestyle of his early childhood in Antigua, has been 12 years in the making."I feel very much involved in the entertainment industry and with singing. I haven't left showbiz!" he declared adamantly.However, after touring with JLS, which sometimes involved 40 days of work in a row without any time off, he acknowledged: "I've carved out more of a niche within the farming world."He and wife Chloe now live a back-to-basics wholesome lifestyle in the Kent countryside, growing their own food and even mucking in with farm tasks like mending fences."I spent my first four or five years [of life] in the Caribbean...

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