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Oregon Elects Lesbian Tina Kotek as Governor

Tina Kotek has been declared the winner of the Oregon governor’s race, meaning that two states have elected out lesbian governors.The Oregonian, the state’s largest newspaper, called the race for Kotek Wednesday morning. Kotek, a Democrat, had been in a close race with Republican Christine Drazan to succeed term-limited Gov. Kate Brown, also a Dem and the nation’s first out bisexual governor.

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This viral video looks very bad for “free speech warrior” Ben Shapiro
It turns out conservative pundit Ben Shapiro isn’t quite as fond of free speech when he’s losing a debate on his own turf.The antigay commentator was speaking at a Young America’s Foundation event at Iowa State University on Tuesday when he got into an argument with a Democratic activist and former Elizabeth Warren campaign staffer about the definition of “wokeism.”As Shapiro puts it, wokeism is the belief that “all inequalities of today are attributable to not only historical injustices but also continuing injustices in the now.”The Democratic activist pushed back, refuting Shapiro’s definition and questioning why it is that conservatives are the only ones who define it as such.Related: Angry GOP pundit Ben Shapiro thinks he “owned the libs” with his bagged wood, gets mocked instead“You are not characterizing what I am saying accurately,” he said.Avoiding the question entirely, Shapiro tried to cut off the conversation, saying “we’re going to have to stop this because it is going nowhere.”The unnamed activist then said he was “just trying to understand” Shapiro’s perspective, at which point someone working for the event put their hand over the man’s microphone.The activist complained he was “being censored,” adding: “I thought you were a free speech warrior.”“This is absolutely amazing,” wrote Media Matters senior researcher Jason Campbell about the clip, which has since gone viral. “You have to watch it.
Warren County is a county located in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. As of the 2010 census, the population was 212,693. Its county seat is Lebanon. The county was created on May 1, 1803 from Hamilton County; it is named for Dr. Joseph Warren, a hero of the Revolution who sent Paul Revere and the overlooked William Dawes on their famous rides and who died at the Battle of Bunker Hill.