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Love Actually & Pride and Prejudice star had to wear dead people’s clothes after being swindled out of £65k life savings

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A LOVE Actually star was forced to wear dead people's clothes in a care home after she was swindled out of her £65,000 life savings.

Meg Wynn Owen, 82, had her savings raided by costume designer Brian Malam, 60, who had been made her power of attorney. Instead of transferring money to the home the actress was staying in, Malam helped himself to £53,000 in electronic payments.

He also cruelly spent £11,000 on himself over a four-year period while Meg's dementia worsened. The star, who also had roles in Pride & Prejudice and Upstairs Downstairs, was reduced to dressing in dead people's clothing as she could not afford new clothes.

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